Tesda Courses Offered Don Bosco Training Center Borongan

Don Bosco Training Center Borongan is an institution accredited by TESDA that offers Technical and Vocational Education and Training Programs (TVET) under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Don Bosco Borongan is situated in one of the poorest provinces of the Philippines, the island of Eastern Samar. The Salesians established its presence in the area upon the invitation of the Bishop of Borongan, Msgr. Leonardo Y. Medroso, to help the youth of his diocese with ministry and vocational education.

In 1993, the Salesians started its work in a 2-hectare land formally established as the Don Bosco Youth & Training Center. The 2-hectare property houses facilities for training and youth activities: two classrooms, two shops, a tool room, offices, comfort rooms, a multi-purpose hall, a football field and basketball grounds.

Don Bosco Training Center Borongan

Address: Barangay Taboc, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines
Telephone Number: 09751523951

TESDA Approved Programs

Here is the list of available TESDA registered programs and short courses offered in “Don Bosco Training Center Borongan” in the province of Eastern Samar.

List of Tesda Courses Offered / Registered Programs

Course Authorized Duration
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II 268 Hours
Computer Systems Servicing NC II 280 hours
Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing NC ii 650 hours


The Don Bosco Training Center is open to trainees who meet its standards and who are personally qualified to acquire a non-formal education, and willing to abide by rules and ideas of the institution. DBTC has the Right not to accept any applicant whose qualifications do not meet the standards and requirement of the program enrolled.

Profile of a Bosconian Trainee

Human Growth

  1. S/He has acquired basic knowledge and skill in technology, computation and reasoning out that are required for serious jobs.
  2. S/He is prepared for employment and has acquired certain degree on entrepreneurial skills.
  3. S/He exhibits proper work attitudes/habits and ethics.
  4. S/He is capable of critical and logical thinking.
  5. S/He is competent in oral and written communication.
  6. S/He is able to apply the knowledge and skill s/he has learned to new problem and situations.
  7. S/He takes pride in being a Filipino.
  8. S/He is aware of the international social, political and economic issues at the national and international levels.
  9. S/He contributes positive to the progress of the country.

Christian Growth

  1. S/He appreciates and respects God’s creation.
  2. S/He is well informed of Christian belief and practice so that he is able to explain adequately and convincingly his Catholic faith.
  3. S/He sees spiritual life on a personal level. S/He looks upon God as his Father, Jesus as his friend, brother and Mary as his/her Mother.
  4. S/He lives by gospel values and promotes them actively by showing good example to others.
  5. S/He shows interest for the life of the church and takes active participation in the activities of the parish where s/he belongs.
  6. S/He nourishes his/her spiritual life through prayer regular reception of the sacraments.
  7. S/He participates actively in the community Mass, goes regularly to confession and receives communion with great devotion.
  8. S/He is aware that his Christian faith brings him/her into the community of believers and thus, seeks the good of others through willing service and solidarity.

Salesian Growth

  1. S/he has imbibed the family spirit.
  2. S/He has developed self confidence and has positive attitudes in life.
  3. S/He is grateful to people who have helped him in his growth.
  4. S/He exercises leadership by taking the initiative, especially when others are unable or unwilling to act.
  5. S/He is self-directed.
  6. S/He is honest, truthful and courageous.
  7. S/He has high respect for the opposite sex and feels confident in relating to them.
  8. S/He is able to form desirable habits and shed undesirable ones.
  9. His/her conscience is formed such that s/he is able to act on his conviction and is able to make sound moral judgment.
  10. S/He exercises freedom with responsibility and with creativity.
  11. S/He possesses a sense of self worth and recognizes the dignity of others, thus considering them as worthy as himself.
  12. S/He appreciates and enjoys arts, music and sports.

Sunday Mass is strictly observed. Every trainee should go to Mass on Sundays. Mass card should be signed by priest, pastor or lay minister who administered it. Mass absence is equivalent to one day absent.

Registration Requirements:

  • High School Card/Form 137 (w/photocopy)
  • Good Moral Certificate (w/photocopy)
  • Live Birth (w/photocopy)
  • Brgy. Clearance
  • Certificate of Indigency (DSWD)
  • 2 pcs. 1×1 I.D pictures
  • 2 pcs. 2×2 I.D pictures
  • 3 pcs. Passport size I.D pictures
  • 1 Long Brown Envelope
  • Entrance Fee

For trainees who was enrolled from other colleges:

  • Certificate of transfer Credential with Transcript of records (TOR)
  • Certificate of Good Moral

Training Fees and Schedule

The cost of training and tuition fees may vary depending upon the specific course of interest and the school offering the training. Training centers also may have slightly different syllabus to teach to students in a class.

For inquiries, tuition fees, enrollment procedures, class schedule and other concern, it would be better that you visit their school/training center and inquire for other documents they may need.

Location and Contact Information

For further information, please contact the school directly at telephone number 09751523951. You can also visit Don Bosco Training Center Borongan. The assessment center is located at Barangay Taboc, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines.


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