Tesda Courses Offered in Universe English School Cebu


Universe English School Cebu is an institution accredited by TESDA that offers Technical and Vocational Education and Training Programs (TVET) under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Universe English School Cebu

Address: 5th Floor, Jesa IT Center, 90 General Maxilom Ave., Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone Number: 424-9167
Website: http://www.universe-cebu.com

Our school’s most significant feature is our one-teacher-per-one-student system. This is a system in which the same teacher prepares and teaches for the same class every day and is responsible for his or her individual student’s learning and improvements.

Often, we hear stories from students who attended other schools in Cebu saying “We came here to study and improve our English but…..”

So we asked ‘What happened?’

The most common answer is: “We have a different/new teacher every day, and as a result, we have improved self-introductions and greetings. But as for communications in  daily English use, we are not so sure of our improvement, nor do we have the confidence to speak. The next teacher does not know the activities that we did in the previous lesson and sometimes we become confused because the same lesson is taught twice or an important grammar point is skipped.”

It is typical in most schools to have a rotating system of teachers for all students. However, in UEC, we provide the same teacher for every class and throughout the whole class program chosen by the student. We strongly believe that the teacher is greatly responsible for the improvement of the student, therefore, each teacher needs to get to know each student on a deeper level in order to have well-prepared lesson plans that will suit each student’s specific needs. Our school teachers build a personalized curriculum from the student’s needs and weaknesses in English and target them throughout their program. Students will have daily targets and be able to clearly see the improvements in their English by the time they leave Cebu.

If either the teachers or students feel as though they are not reaching their intended goals, extra homework and practice are provided to make sure that the student’s goals are reached. And if a student is uncomfortable with their teacher or it just don’t feel as if they are a good match, students are welcome to change teachers anytime.

TESDA Approved Programs

Here is the list of available TESDA registered programs and short courses offered in “Universe English School Cebu” in the province of Cebu.

List of Tesda Courses Offered / Registered Programs

Course Authorized Duration
English Language Support Program (Advance) 240 hours
English Language Support Program (Basic) 240 hours
English Language Support Program (Intermediate) 240 hours

Basic Requirements for TESDA Courses:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • At least High School Graduate
  • Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • With good moral character
  • Undergone a pre-training assessment
  • Can communicate both orally and in written form

Training Fees and Schedule

The cost of training and tuition fees may vary depending upon the specific course of interest and the school offering the training. Training centers also may have slightly different syllabus to teach to students in a class.

For inquiries, tuition fees, enrollment procedures, class schedule and other concern, it would be better that you visit their school/training center and inquire for other documents they may need.

Location and Contact Information

For further information, please contact the school directly at telephone number 424-9167. You can also visit Universe English School Cebu. The assessment center is located at 5th Floor, Jesa IT Center, 90 General Maxilom Ave., Cebu City, Philippines.

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