TESDA Accredited Schools and Training Centers in Biliran

If you are looking the lists of TVI’s or Technical Vocational Institutions with TESDA registered programs in the province of Biliran, provided below is the List of TESDA Accredited Schools and Training Centers. The list includes the names, addresses, and contact numbers of every TESDA accredited schools and training centers in Biliran including the TESDA courses they offer and the number of hours needed to complete each course.

TESDA accredited schools and training centers in Biliran

Cabucgayan National School of Arts and Trades (CNSAT)
Address: Brgy. Libertad, Cabucgayan, Biliran

Naval State University (formerly Naval Institute of Technology)
Address: Brgy. P. Inocentes Garcia Naval, Biliran

NSU -BNAC Campus (Formerly NIT-Biliran National Agricultural College)
Address: San Isidro, Biliran, Biliran

If you have any question regarding the TESDA courses offered by each training center, please refer them to the corresponding TESDA accredited schools.

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