TESDA Accredited Schools and Training Centers in Baguio City

If you are looking the lists of TVI’s or Technical Vocational Institutions with TESDA registered programs in Baguio City, provided below is the List of TESDA Accredited Schools and Training Centers. The list includes the names, addresses, and contact numbers of every TESDA accredited schools and training centers in Baguio City including the TESDA courses they offer and the number of hours needed to complete each course.

TESDA accredited schools and training centers in Baguio City

A-Plus Advance School of English, Inc.
Address: 421 Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

A-Plus Advance School of English 2, Inc.
Address: 6P Guevarra St., West Modern Site, Baguio City

Admin Christian Academy, Inc.
Address: No. 44 A South Drive, Baguio City

AMA Computer College, Baguio City, Inc.
Address: Benitez Court, Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

Baguio Blue Hat Academy, Inc.
Address: Palos Cmpd., Purok 9, Bakakeng Norte, Baguio City

Baguio Central University
Address: BCU Rehab Center, Lower P. Burgos, Baguio City

Baguio City Academy Colleges, Inc.
Address: Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

Baguio City School of Arts and Trades
Address: Upper Session Road, Baguio City

Baguio College of Technology
Address: #51 Plaza Natalia, Naguilian Rd., Baguio City

Baguio College of Technology (formerly BETI College of Technology)
Address: Harrison Road, Baguio City

Baguio English Communication Institute
Address: Green Valley Village, Baguio City

Baguio English Learning Academy, Inc.
Address: 201 Bethel Bldg., Labsan, Baguio City

Baguio International Academy
Address: 118 Surong Guisad, Baguio City

Baguio Outlook Comprehensive Academy
Address: No. 1 Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Baguio School of Business Technology
Address: Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

Baguio Technical Vocational Skills Training Center
Address: 179 Magsaysay, Baguio City

BSBT College
Address: 434 Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

Can I Talk Academy
Address: 86 Brentwood Village, M. Roxas, Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City

Care and Share International Language School
Address: 187 Naguilian Road, Baguio City

Center for Technical Excellence Integrated School, Inc.
Address: GF West Burnham Place Condominium, Kisad Road, Baguio City

Character Leadership Christian Academy, Inc.
Address: No. 58 Milo Compound, Sarok, Camp 7, Baguio City

Choice for You English Academy, Inc. (formerly Campus Missions International Phil., Inc.)
Address: 90 Military Cut-off, Baguio City

CNS International Language School
Address: Monticello International College Westgroveheights, Camp 7, Kennon Rd., Baguio City

Cordillera School of Digital Arts, Inc.
Address: Lopez Bldg., Session Rd., Baguio City (former address: Suite 300-301 GP Arcade, Mabini St., Baguio City)

D’ Hundred Times Academy, Inc.
Address: 4th Floor, PASALUCA Bldg., Laubach Rd., Baguio City

Data Center College of the Philippines – Baguio
Address: Bonifacio St., Baguio City

Datamex Institute of Computer Technology, Inc.
Address: 2nd floor Decibar Bldg., Bonifacio St., Baguio City

Delmark Global Academy, Inc.
Address: 3rd floor Piao Yan Bldg., Ferguson Rd., Guisad Central Baguio City

Disciples for Christ Language Academy
Address: 34 CM Recto Navy Rd., Baguio City

Dream English Learning Center
Address: Loakan, Baguio City

Earth Traveler English Academy, Inc.
Address: No. 154 Military Cut-off, Baguio City

Easter College, Inc.
Address: Easter School Road, Guisad, Baguio City

Five Dimensional Leader’s Step International Language School, Inc.
Address: 14 Amparo Heights, Camp 7, Baguio City

Global English Training Society
Address: 289 Kennon Rd. Camp7, Baguio City

Globalize Language Center Corporation
Address: 3F City Light Tower, Dagohoy St., cor. Bonifacio St., Baguio City

Globaltech Institute Philippines, Inc.
Address: 350 Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

GMS Institute of Technology (formerly GMS Institute of CAD Design and Technology, Inc.)
Address: 3rd Floor, Ayk Bldg., La Brea Inn, Session Rd., Baguio City

Granary Barista Academy and Assessment Center, Inc.
Address: 354 St. Elizabeth Bldg., EDNCP Cpd. Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

Greenwood International Heritage School, Inc.
Address: Woodsgate Square Camp 7, Baguio City

Guard Force Security Training Center, Inc.
Address: 317 Luy Wing Bldg., Magsaysay, Baguio City

HELP English Language Program, Inc. – Baguio Branch
Address: Martin’s Apartelle, Brentwood Village, M. Roxas St., Baguio City

Informatics Baguio City Center (formerly: Informatics)
Address: 65 Bonifacio St., 3rd Flr. Decibar Bldg., Bonifacio St., Baguio City

JIC Tutorial Language Corporation
Address: 73 Del Nacia Apt., Kennon Rd., Camp 7, Baguio City

K and C Tutorial Institute, Inc.
Address: No. 19 Pucay Rd., Guisad, Baguio City

Keunmoon English School, Inc.
Address: 35 Tacay Rd., Upper Quezon Hill, Baguio City

KHJ Educentre, Inc.
Address: No. 117-B Evangelista St., Brgy. Leonila Hill, Baguio City

Language Education Training School, Inc.
Address: 10 Marcos Highway, Baguio City

Logos International School in Luzon
Address: Gibraltar Rd., Baguio City

Mantoman Language Institute, Inc.
Address: 6 Johnbee Village, Bokawkan, Baguio City

Medline International Training Institute of Baguio, Inc.
Address: 3/B Plaza Natalia Commercial Complex, No. 15 Naguillian Rd., Baguio City

Meridian Paramedical and Technical College
Address: No. 317, Luy Wing Bldg., Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

MMS Development Training Center Corporation
Address: Ground Floor, CAP Bldg., Post Office Loop, Sandico St., Baguio City

MONOL International Educational Institute
Address: 128 Ferguson, Guisad, Baguio City

Montañosa National College
Address: Km. 6, La Trinidad, Benguet

NIIT Baguio, Inc.
Address: 122 Upper Bonifacio St., Baguio City

Noble Trends Unbound, Inc.
Address: TNCI Bldg., PEZA, Loakan Rd., Baguio City

On Go Eul English Academy, Inc.
Address: Lower West Mangitit, Camp 7, Baguio City

Philippine English Academy and Kudos, Inc.
Address: No. 39 Gibraltar Rd., Baguio City

Philippine International English Institute, Inc.
Address: Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Philippine Women’s University Career Development and Continuing Education Center
Address: 4F Jupiter Bldg., Bonifacio St., Baguio City

Pines City Colleges, Inc.
Address: Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

Pines International Academy
Address: Cooyesan Plaza Hotel, Naguillan Road

Pines International English Institute, Inc.
Address: Baguio Romel Suites, No. 168, Quezon Hill Proper, Naguillian Rd., Baguio City

Pines Montessori School
Address: No. 7 Outlook Drive Baguio City

Quality Guards Training Academy Inc.
Address: 305 Lopez Bldg., Assumption Rd., Baguio City

Regional Training Center – Baguio City
Address: Loakan, Baguio City

Saint Louis University
Address: Bonifacio St., Baguio City

STI College – Baguio (formerly: STI College of Northern Luzon, Inc.)
Address: Private Rd., New Lucban, Baguio City (formerly: Prudential Bldg. Harrison Road, Baguio City)

Storyshare, Baguio City, Inc.
Address: 46 St. Therese Rd., Mirador Hill, Baguio City

Strawberry School in the Philippine Islands
Address: 14 Hanbi Brentwood Village, M. Roxas St., Baguio City

Tech-Synergy Philippines Academy
Address: No. 29 Cabinet Hill, Baguio City

University of Baguio
Address: General Luna Rd., Baguio City

University of the Cordilleras
Address: Gov. Pack Rd., Baguio City

Vigor International Security Training Academy, Inc.
Address: 4F Juniper Bldg., Lower Gen. Luna Rd., Baguio City

If you have any question regarding the TESDA courses offered by each training center, please refer them to the corresponding TESDA accredited schools.

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